Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What if Edison was a Law or Arts graduate??

Yesterday night, it was raining heavily. Chennai-yil oru mazhai kaalam started.. :) as well as so many problems too started.. Stagnated water, unusual power cut etc etc.. when it started drizzling last nite, sincere electricity board workers cut the power down. My mom started cursing the EB for power cut. Because it was third day she was missing her favorite TV serials. She was restless about what happened to Abi in kolangal. :P I started wondering “what if nobody invented electric current??” “What if Edison was regular in his school days?” if he was regular, what if he finished his degree in law or arts and science. What if he didn’t bother about replacing alternating current by direct current??

Hmpf.. the world would be in dark..oh no.. some other grad from Stanford or Harvard would have done tat.. just imagine nobody had interest in anodes, cathodes, circuits like me ;) think about a world without electric current…!!

Every night you will be having candle light dinner at your home. Your credit cards are safe from the restaurant bills. Wow.. Interesting!! But you will miss freshly baked pizzas and spicy tikkas. But still you can have hot dosai with coconut chutney.. yummy!!

Your mom will be happy that u doesn’t waste your time in orkut and facebook. Guys.. no more DOTA, FIFA and all.. Don’t worry.. u still have cricket, ghilli, goli :P no cinema theaters. You can enjoy ur week ends at stage dramas. Remember only morning and noon shows will be there.

How to spend summer season without Air conditioner or cooler?? The building architecture will be modified to make it airy.. eventually all start planting trees…yayyy… no more global warming threats. No emails, e-cards.. go back to the age of sending postal cards and greeting cards. It will be nice to sit and write letters for your beloved ones rather copy pasting or forwarding mails. no need of "save electricity" "caution: high voltage current danger" boards. :):)

You live life in a different way.. :) even though it will not be hi-fi but sure it will be interesting!!


  1. Anga mazhai-nu idha padichi thaan therinjikittaen di!! :( . Didn't know..

  2. hi Arul..
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  3. Good imagination.. Hope this doesn't turn out.

  4. It's Nice that Edison invented those stuffs and your imagination failed.that is one of the reason That made it possible to me to write a comment on this blog..If those invention have not happened....Then this blog must not be here...
    Nicely written
    Nice blog..
    keep writing