Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sybilla-scope :D :D

Me waiting opposite to mash, bessy.. the usual place where our frenz will meet...
my cellfone beeped with a txt msg from bhavana, "am near fruitshop will be there in 5 min.."
B4 i cud reply "okiez..", she parked her i10 infront of me...
"hiii d... where are the others??"
"as usual they are late", me frowned..
"oh ho.. hmm r u alrite?? u still worrying abt the late DOJ(Date-of-joining) ??
"no no d.. hey its too crowded here.. shall v go for a walk??"
"hmm yea.. "
Both of us started walking towards Planet-yum.. she was telling abt her office and team mates..;)
she was too excited and dropped her cellfone... (dis must be 100th time 2day :P)
v bent down to take the fone...
gosh.. a shining crystal ball was on the ground near the cellfone...i took it from there..
"thank god, its working d", Bhav. She fixed it up with ease :) and turned bak to me and asked, "wats dis d?? Looking awesome"
both of us hurriedly grabbed the tag in it..
though the ball is pretty and brand new, the tag was almost worn-out..
the letters were faded, v tried hard and uttered, "SEE-BY-LAW-SCOPE"
The crystal ball made a giggling noise and said, "Its see-beel-la-scope". the voice was so pleasing...
v got shocked on seeing this talking crystal ball and again bhav was abt to drop it in shock...
the ball continued, "eepodoKHEE Ero-men-ee... am a fortune teller, well ask me a question abt ur future i will answer.. and u got only one chance"
i couldn't believe wats happening and said,"hey some one must be making fun.. lets throw it away"
"no no.. wats wrong in trying dis d.. ", bhav said eagerly.
"but who gna try dis??"
"of course its you..:P", and bhavana smirked.
"noway am not interested in dis.. either u try or will throw it away"
then only me noticed tat the whole area around us is dark and only me and bhav standing with that glowing ball in our hand..
the crystal ball sounded anxiously."Ero-men-ee!! am no harm to you.. just go ahead".
i heard a female voice from a long distance, "Arul.. its almost late..." and the voice again faded away...
finally We decided to know abt my future..but wat question to ask...
"bhavana, shall i ask abt will there be any off campus soon??"
"ohhh shuddup d.. forget dis job, company and all... someday u gna work for a company.. y do u wanna know abt tat.. ask something intersting..."
"hmm.. will i ve luv marriage or arranged marriage ;);).. gud one rite??"
"hmmm.. someday u gna get married for sure... y do u wanna know whether its luv or arranged one?? heyyy... better ask with whom u gna end up?? wat say??
again the female voice repeated,"cant u hear me.. its late"
i decided not to waste time in thinking.. so asked the crystal ball, "err..okay, tell me clearly with whom will i end up, tel me the name??"
"if possible address and phone number too.." bhav interrupted. "wats wrong in getting it d?? ",she smiled..
me too agreed :P:P
the ball turned blue and started glowing again...
the pleasing voice from crystal ball asked,"Ero-men-ee!! have u had crush?? pls let me know the name of ur crush "
"err.. well.. actually.. its..", me stammered
Tat female voice(not from the ball), sounded angrily,"Arul. will u please.."
before tat voice faded, i told,"hmm.. kind of.. but i didnt remember the name"...
bhavana smirked and pinched me..
The ball shooted out the next question,"wat u expect from ur partner??"
Again am running out of words,esply adjectives :P:P. Yup.. again the female voice reminded am late..
so i said,"Hmm.. loadz of affection"
Bhav said,"loads of affection on whom d??.. u must ve mention tat na??"...
Now the whole place is dark.. crystal ball turned off... in no time it glowed with white light...
"Ero-men-ee... now see the face of the guy", the pleasing voice told..
i couldnt open my eyes, i struggled... its very blurred.. i tried hard to look at him..
atlast i saw his eyes... it was very familiar one...his hand touched my forehead, i could feel the affection for him in his touch.. it must be the person i knew for many years..
He called me, "Arul arul..."
omg!! the voice is too familiar...
i wiped my eyes and looked at him...
"hey arul wake up.. its 8 o clock... u still sleeping???"
"Dad, is tat you??"
"who else will wake up u??"
The female voice that was warning me sounded very near, "how long am shouting, cant u get up?? its very late...go get up and brush ur teeth"
i giggled at my mom and dad and went on searching my spectacles... :D

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wat NeXt??

hiya frenz,
this is my first blog :) its been long time am planning to write blogs.. cus of 2 reasons
1) Me finished my engg. and being so vetti at home :(
2) Wanted to express my thoughts in words :P
though i really wanted to start with some happiest moments i ve had, but felt like sharing the Worst Sleepless nite in my life :(:(

Hmm.. Its all cus of the mail i got on june 17th, 3:52 pm from CTS..
well one small recap of how How ArulMozhi got into CTS...

Till the age of 12, she didnt ve many big dreams or goals to achieve... she is one lucky kiddo for her dad.. always pampered by him!! For her the world is her DAD, she didnt even care abt others... Her Dad always wanted to c her in high position in society...so tat was her aim, motto or watever at tat time. she decided to study medicine... things were fine, her dad was happy with her high school results:):) then got her hr. sec results, it was not tat bad... but couldnt fullfill her dream to becum a cardiologist :(... It was her biggest failure.. She cried and cried...Till tat she was one bold, non-fearing gal... 1st time she had 1000's of questions abt her future... And it all answered once she got admit in CEG :)

Four years of engg... She had no idea abt engineering drawing, Programming, debugging,assessments, cgpa,on-campus,intern,Dream comapnies,blah-blah and all...Things were new...Somehow she managed...Ofcourse life was like heaven... though she had some pain, she got biggest support from her frenz.. they are her BiGgEsT AsSeRt :):) She understood the Real Meaning of friendship..learnt Loads and Loads of lessons thru only experience.. (cus she slept off in many theory classes :P) She found the other side of her life... the gal who not satisfied with 95% of marks in hr. sec. now being happy tat she is 7 ptr with no arrears in colg...One fine morning she had her 1st interview for CTS and she got thru it:) Her whole family was happy :):)
Okay, now cum bak to the present...
time 4 p.m
I was totally shocked on seeing the mail from cts stating tat "you wud b joining Cognizant in one of the batches slated to join us in 2010".... Omg!! this time i got millions and millions of questions abt my future!! Wher did i go wrong?? Shud not ve chosen engg?? esply CSE??shud ve got Placed in some other company??? wat will be my next move?? y i didnt opt for hr studies??... it was endless...
I wanted to relax, but i couldn't... was restless...confirmed with my frens whether those who all placed in cts got the same mail.. Yup, there were no partiality ... :P:P
then tuk my mobile fone and dialled the 10 digits, which i usually do when am tensed up...
the phone sang, "Vizhi moodi yoosithal angeyum vandhai...", Its one of my all time fav, but not in the mood to listen...
Other End: hoii..wassup??!!
Me: Hey got mail from CTS!!:(
Other End: oh.. kewl.. wen they calling u d??
Me: 2010
Other End: wat?? ve they mentioned the date exactly?
Me: Nope, they sed early 2010.. tats it...
Other End: Lusi, no worries d.. cheer up!! CTS is not the only company u ve.. u can find someother job...And nobody gna say anything if u aint gng for job.. then y do u bother??
(tats the fact which i very well knew.. but his word always boosted up my spirits..)
Me: hmm.. yea... Arul can shine up in someother job too.. rite??
Other End: yea yea.. wat doubt in tat..now u forget it.. me g2g.. talk u later buddy!!
Me: hmm k k!! cya..

In few min, buzzing sound from gtalk...
Other End: hey u thr?
Me: yea d.. got mail :( calling us 2010..
Other End: hey come on.. y sad?? u can prep for ur dream colg LIBA.. got time to study...
(again the fact which i knew, well she reminded when am suppose to remember it)
Me: yea u r rite d:) will do tat...
Other End: All the Best d..

Still am not very clear abt wat is my next move.. Time 9 p.m.. My bro reached home.. he is the guy who always forget to speak kind words wen ppl are sad.. always with his usual facts and statistics.. (err.. i hate him for dis :( )

he: hey had dinner..
me:nope.. am very sad.. doj for cts is in 2010.. no mood ve dinner..
he: wat?? for tat u skipping food?? u think only cts is ur life.. ve u ever knew how ppl struggle for food... u got all the comforts at home, u can very well improve ur knowledge at home... u got loads of stuffs to learn other than academics.. u think all r gng to job once they finished graduation.. noway.. y do u always think ppl above u alone?? jus think abt ppl roaming the nook and corner of cities in search of job... well u got offer letter atleast... so jus cum and ve ur dinner...
me: ( had no guts to oppose my bro.. so jus nodded)

Dad, mom and anna- all gave up 100's of alternatives for this 6 month.. But still confused...

and its time to sleep.. though i wanted to sleep, my inner soul kept pestering me... I was clueless abt wat to do next?? I tried to sleep by listening to my fav songs..(tats my usual habit).. I was asleep in few min but still music was on...

"endha manidhan nenjukul kaayam illai sollungal....
uli thaangum karkal thaane man meedhu silai aagum....
yaaruku illai porratam(struggle)...
oru kanavu kandal adhu dhinam muyandral vazhvil nijamaagum" -
time 3 a.m... dunno how i got up?? and y i got up so early?? But those few lines repeated again and again in my mind...

My dream was to fullfill my dad's dream.. he didnt force me to do medicine, engg or join cts... one thing he wanted is c to me in high position in society... y cant i achieve it in anyother field??
My god.. now i have Zillion's of answers...
y not i can do tat by educating others?? ("Learn to lead"- tats wat my school taught me)
y not i achieve it by doing service to humanity?? (thani manidhan oruvanuku unavu illaiyanil jagadhinai azhithidu--- tats my fav lines of bharathiyar)
y not be an entrepreneur and give offers to 1000's of youngsters??
I still ve all my frenz to support me, my dad encourage me, my bro to criticize me...
Am getting more and more tougher to meet the the toughest part of my life... :)

P.S.: ppl thanks for reading my blog. pls do comment ur views... and sorry if there are mistakes.. will do improve it :):)