Thursday, August 27, 2009

State Bank of India clerical Post syllabus and question paper pattern

My previous readers may get shocked on seeing the title. Arul.. Is tat you writing blogs about such stuffs?? Okay.. listen..y am writing about this? Since my dad insisted to attend the (so called) coaching class I attended it. Actually it wasn’t bad at all.. I got some ideas about competitive exams. So thought of sharing with all.. And one more thing I came to know.. there is a craze for government jobs always among people with age limit 30 .. after a long time I listened to class for 2 hours.. yaayyyy!!
Ok ok.. lets get into the business..

Total Examination timing: 135 min
Question Type: objectives (5 parts of questions)
Approximate cut off marks required: 140+ (they consider sectional cut off)


Part A : Test of Reasoning
Preferred Book: R S Agarwal verbal- non verbal reasoning

Topics that are repeatedly asked in Verbal reasoning:
* Blood relation
* Coding & decoding
* Puzzle test
* Logical reduction (syllogism)
* Number ranking sequence
* Conclusion derivation
* Direction test

Part B: test of quantitative aptitude
Two types of question were asked – 1) problems solved using BODMAS rule
2) Statement problems
Preferred Book: R S Agarwal quantitative aptitude

Topics that are repeatedly asked in quantitative aptitude:
· Problems on trains
· Problems on ages
· Problems on Boats and streams
· Time and work
· Percentage
· Numbers, square roots, cube roots

Well, you can get the short cuts and solved problems from the above preferred book.

Part C: Test of English language
· Reading comprehension (passages related to economics, banking, marketing)
· Spotting errors in sentences
· Fill in the blanks
· Jumbled sentences

Part D : Marketing and computer science
Marketing deals with the terms and definitions of banking marketing.
Basic knowledge of computer science is enough to answer these questions it seems

Part E: general awareness (current affairs)
Questions are likely to be asked from the events happened in the past 6 months
* Persons of importance
* State bank related questions (who is the founder, recent policies, branches, schemes, etc.)
* Books and authors
* Budget
* Sports
* Awards and honors
* Recent conference and seminars

Preferred book: competition success review (latest edition)
Well tats all I grabbed in that 2 hrs of class!! All the best for all who attending the exam..and exam is on November 8 or 15..last date for applying is 15th of September 2009

Errr… too technical and academics oriented post, rite?? cool it… :) :)

response to the comments:
i will try to put up the materials as soon as possible.. you can cum bak and chek it out at the sep end..

The above blog will help u with some more details..

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Miss you… Deepak (Mom)!

Summer fall has started in many American universities :( :( so many of my friends were off to US.. Madhu, Subbu, Naren, and the next did I know Deepak?? Small flash back..whirrrlll… me and Deepak came to know each other well in 7th sem. In 8th sem v had so much of fun.. this fellow is gud at music..knows to play keyboard and drums..and his recent desire is to learn guitar..(ellam varanam aayiram pandra eh vidunga).. Now come back again to present.

Deepak called all of us to his home for giving a send off treat.( actually v should have given..but no prob). As I already said few of my friends were in banglore, only pavi, ashwin,vignesh, k vignesh,pritham, deepak’s school friends raghu, yogesh and me went to his place. V asked for the treat at his home because v all love his mom’s cooking (now u can guess y have I named this post so :P). v all reached his place at 1 30 pm or so.. and got settled at 2..then v started our lunch. :D

The only time ashwin doesn’t pull my legs is while he eats. :| bad boy..yup he doesn’t care wats happening around wen he is eating until someone grabs his chicken piece. Well I must say the menu here.. briyani, shredded chicken, prawns, fish fry, chicken fry, idiyappam, stew, veg briyani, chappati, bindhi fry, raita, beetroot pickle, curd rice and finally dessert paal payasam with her unique Kerala touch… v stopped (not finished :P) eating at 3 20 or so..(well.. shakthi, suma pls don’t scold me ;)).. few of them started taking rest and did some actions( they named it as exercise) to eat more and not to throw out the recently consumed food :P these fellas talked over abt ‘sprite bottom up’ matter again and again..(sshhh.. don’t ask me wats tat;);)).

Finally the lunch feast was over.. we saw oceans 11, played cricket. At 6 pm deepak’s sister reached home from college. We all surprised Deepak with a brand new guitar signed by all of us ;):) And he promised us to learn chords and tabs soon and upload it. :) we bid adieu to Deepak after taking few group fotos…

Yet another memorable day in my life… :)

Found it somewhere... Found it Nice!

The Lament of the Real Programmer

Sir Roger Needham (Cambridge)

Oh once I could program, the best in the land
I wrote in raw hex with unwavering hand.
My mind's eye could follow all possible paths
But now I can't manage the new-fangled maths

I cut lots of code for unaudited cash
And nobody cared that I rarely did wash
But now I'm burned out and admit with a sigh
That the kids from the High School are better than I

I lasted a while as an old-fashioned hack
Because I could knock out a protocol stack
But the mathmos are here now - they've come pretty far
And there's nothing for me but to prop up the bar!.


click to zoom

this cartoon reminded my second semester Programming Data Structures Lab... Lol :D :D i use to curse my compiler y doest it always throw a 'segmentation fault'. now i can understand how a compiler would have cursed me :P:P

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Happy Friendship Day!!

Hoooorrayyy!! Its august 1st wk end.. National Friendship day…have u ever thot like this?? We spend most of our life time with friends.. do v need to celebrate it on a single day??!! NOPE :):) v always treasure them.. v always love to celebrate it…

And on this friendship day I would like to thank all my friends for making my life colorful… if I start pen down all those moments am sure of getting a warning msg from gmail for running out of storage memory… loads and loads of incidents..u all made me to laugh, enjoy, cry,think, learn and whatnot!! :D how it all started?? A simple hi, lending me ur pencil eraser,helped me out in bluff card game,'r u also computer science dept?'..etc.etc..still they are evergreen:) wen am happy u joined me and made me happier..wen am sorrow u r ready to rejoice me…soooo many arguments and without u?? cant imagine how worse it would be…u guys always stood beside me to encourage and support.. and pull my legs too.. :-x u cared me like my mom, adviced like my dad, sometimes restricted like a bro, helped like a sis.. v are all like a single family…;) when I lose hope u boosted up my spirits.. :) when am born some angel would have blessed me to have such a sweet friends. Who will always there in my troubles if not to trouble me.. :p:p from everyone i learnt lessons and experiences which no universities could teach me..

Rite from school i always had a big gang of friends… v always had fun..:)I have a very bad memory :-| so I may not be able to recollect all ur names..pls forgive me if ur names are missed out.. still u and ur memories are in my heart..

From kindergarten to primary school : Ida Mary, sabapathy, Bennet, Ilin.. (I don’t have contact with them :( ) rani, sindhura, kirubakaran,ram kumar, madhuram,meena, grisha,vidhyasree,vidhyalakshmi,.. and many more..

Higher secondary school : SathyaPriya, shobana, ramya, Cynthia,jothi, jayasudha, hema, Sharon, Ashwini chitra, Nuzath fathima, vanaja, saranya, nancy,tina, elakiya,princy Thomas,anithakumari, logeshwari..

College: Bhavana, suma, Pavithra,Div Ash, Ashwin Kumar, Pk, subbu, deepak, shakthi, Abishek, vignesh, k vignesh,vishnu, senthil,kaushy, hems,saranya, pritham,anitha, madhu, latha, jayanthi, nivedha…

Zillions of thanks dear ones for being my friend.. lets rock forever :):) and dis song is for u...

click here to play