Saturday, August 15, 2009

Miss you… Deepak (Mom)!

Summer fall has started in many American universities :( :( so many of my friends were off to US.. Madhu, Subbu, Naren, and the next did I know Deepak?? Small flash back..whirrrlll… me and Deepak came to know each other well in 7th sem. In 8th sem v had so much of fun.. this fellow is gud at music..knows to play keyboard and drums..and his recent desire is to learn guitar..(ellam varanam aayiram pandra eh vidunga).. Now come back again to present.

Deepak called all of us to his home for giving a send off treat.( actually v should have given..but no prob). As I already said few of my friends were in banglore, only pavi, ashwin,vignesh, k vignesh,pritham, deepak’s school friends raghu, yogesh and me went to his place. V asked for the treat at his home because v all love his mom’s cooking (now u can guess y have I named this post so :P). v all reached his place at 1 30 pm or so.. and got settled at 2..then v started our lunch. :D

The only time ashwin doesn’t pull my legs is while he eats. :| bad boy..yup he doesn’t care wats happening around wen he is eating until someone grabs his chicken piece. Well I must say the menu here.. briyani, shredded chicken, prawns, fish fry, chicken fry, idiyappam, stew, veg briyani, chappati, bindhi fry, raita, beetroot pickle, curd rice and finally dessert paal payasam with her unique Kerala touch… v stopped (not finished :P) eating at 3 20 or so..(well.. shakthi, suma pls don’t scold me ;)).. few of them started taking rest and did some actions( they named it as exercise) to eat more and not to throw out the recently consumed food :P these fellas talked over abt ‘sprite bottom up’ matter again and again..(sshhh.. don’t ask me wats tat;);)).

Finally the lunch feast was over.. we saw oceans 11, played cricket. At 6 pm deepak’s sister reached home from college. We all surprised Deepak with a brand new guitar signed by all of us ;):) And he promised us to learn chords and tabs soon and upload it. :) we bid adieu to Deepak after taking few group fotos…

Yet another memorable day in my life… :)