Saturday, August 1, 2009

Happy Friendship Day!!

Hoooorrayyy!! Its august 1st wk end.. National Friendship day…have u ever thot like this?? We spend most of our life time with friends.. do v need to celebrate it on a single day??!! NOPE :):) v always treasure them.. v always love to celebrate it…

And on this friendship day I would like to thank all my friends for making my life colorful… if I start pen down all those moments am sure of getting a warning msg from gmail for running out of storage memory… loads and loads of incidents..u all made me to laugh, enjoy, cry,think, learn and whatnot!! :D how it all started?? A simple hi, lending me ur pencil eraser,helped me out in bluff card game,'r u also computer science dept?'..etc.etc..still they are evergreen:) wen am happy u joined me and made me happier..wen am sorrow u r ready to rejoice me…soooo many arguments and without u?? cant imagine how worse it would be…u guys always stood beside me to encourage and support.. and pull my legs too.. :-x u cared me like my mom, adviced like my dad, sometimes restricted like a bro, helped like a sis.. v are all like a single family…;) when I lose hope u boosted up my spirits.. :) when am born some angel would have blessed me to have such a sweet friends. Who will always there in my troubles if not to trouble me.. :p:p from everyone i learnt lessons and experiences which no universities could teach me..

Rite from school i always had a big gang of friends… v always had fun..:)I have a very bad memory :-| so I may not be able to recollect all ur names..pls forgive me if ur names are missed out.. still u and ur memories are in my heart..

From kindergarten to primary school : Ida Mary, sabapathy, Bennet, Ilin.. (I don’t have contact with them :( ) rani, sindhura, kirubakaran,ram kumar, madhuram,meena, grisha,vidhyasree,vidhyalakshmi,.. and many more..

Higher secondary school : SathyaPriya, shobana, ramya, Cynthia,jothi, jayasudha, hema, Sharon, Ashwini chitra, Nuzath fathima, vanaja, saranya, nancy,tina, elakiya,princy Thomas,anithakumari, logeshwari..

College: Bhavana, suma, Pavithra,Div Ash, Ashwin Kumar, Pk, subbu, deepak, shakthi, Abishek, vignesh, k vignesh,vishnu, senthil,kaushy, hems,saranya, pritham,anitha, madhu, latha, jayanthi, nivedha…

Zillions of thanks dear ones for being my friend.. lets rock forever :):) and dis song is for u...

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  1. hey that's so sweet:) tank u so much de..
    have an awesome friendship day.. and tanx for always being there:) always admired da way u go out of da way to help everyone.. u are an amazin friend. hope we always stay in touch.. love u:)

  2. Wish I were one in that league in that pic :(