Saturday, August 15, 2009

Found it somewhere... Found it Nice!

The Lament of the Real Programmer

Sir Roger Needham (Cambridge)

Oh once I could program, the best in the land
I wrote in raw hex with unwavering hand.
My mind's eye could follow all possible paths
But now I can't manage the new-fangled maths

I cut lots of code for unaudited cash
And nobody cared that I rarely did wash
But now I'm burned out and admit with a sigh
That the kids from the High School are better than I

I lasted a while as an old-fashioned hack
Because I could knock out a protocol stack
But the mathmos are here now - they've come pretty far
And there's nothing for me but to prop up the bar!.


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this cartoon reminded my second semester Programming Data Structures Lab... Lol :D :D i use to curse my compiler y doest it always throw a 'segmentation fault'. now i can understand how a compiler would have cursed me :P:P

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